SCWBI Long Island

Catch me at SCBWI Long Island at the Huntington Library on January 20 at 2pm for a talk on plot (and probably more food jokes than you can possibly stomach)!

A description of my presentation (and a bomb diggity flier) below:

A Recipe for Plot

Not having some semblance of a plot from the get-go is like walking into a grocery store immediately after waking up, starving, without a shopping list. Suddenly, you’ve picked up everything in sight, and still have no idea what to make for dinner – you have all the basic ingredients, but no clue how to put them together. A story without a plot is much the same – a series of scenes with no spice or purpose. Participants should be ready to reexamine the bad habits that lead to an unseasoned plot. This program is good for writers at any point in the drafting process. Expect to do some on-the-spot plot development; feel free to bring existing work.

I will be accepting unsolicited submissions from SCBWI Long Island attendees only for three months after the conference (tentatively May 1).

Hope to see you there!


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