A Café Chat with EPA SCBWI’s Laura Parnum

Check out this chat I had with Laura Parnum for SCBWI Eastern Pennsylvania! You get to learn a little bit more about me, my work, and what you can expect to see at the 2019 Pocono Retreat I’ll be attending in April.

It was so much fun, and I’m excited to be working with Laura, Jenny Herrera, and the rest of the EPA SCBWI faculty in just a few short weeks! I’ll make another post as we get closer to the retreat, but if it’s any incentive, I’ll be doing an “ASK US ANYTHING: An Editor and an Agent” with Jenny Herrera from the David Black Agency. Conference goers will be able to ask us anything they’d like to know about what it takes to get published.

Learn more about the 27th Annual Pocono Mountain Retreat here. We’ll be hanging out April 12 to April 14; registration is open!

I will be accepting unsolicited submissions from Pocono Retreat attendees only for three months after the conference (tentatively August 1).

Hope to see you there!


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