Shelves of Art and the People Between

Looking for more of me?

Check out Devina Bhalla‘s Shelves of Art and the People Between. Devina was kind enough to reach out with an opportunity to be featured in her delightful exploration of books from beginning to end, and all the people who touch them in some way.

Here’s an excerpt from one of the chapters:

Amanda Ramirez, an assistant [editor] at Simon & Schuster, talked to me about the years editors spend with a book from the moment Simon & Schuster purchases it to its publication. Years with a test pulling out its perfection in every single sentence. Editors help to create the best possible product. The editor pulls all these pieces together, making the book flow beautifully and easily. Ramirez later commented to me how the editor is one part of an extensive team working on the publishing of an individual book. She used the image of a “whole web of people coming together” to get a book published.

Bhalla, 29

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