The Reviews ™

Take a look at some interviews I’ve done and other testimonials! I don’t tend to take myself too seriously – I like to have fun here 🙂

5/5/2020: Interview with CBI and Lynne Marie
12/4/2019: Interviewed for Shelves of Art and the People Between by Devina Bhalla
3/6/2019: Interview with EPA SCBWI and Laura Parnum
3/15/2018: Interview with Justin Colón

“The awesomest of all.”
– David Grand, author of Mount Terminus

“Future tastemaker of America.”
Mekisha Telfer, associate editor at Roaring Brook Press

“A quantum singularity.”
– Natalie Cannon, writer & freelance editor

​”Smol and feisty.”
– Kate McGowan, Accokeek Foundation actress & activist

“Amanda is a student with the most terrific sense of the word ‘up’… she made the rest of us all seem completely Earth-bound in comparison.”
Eliot Schrefer, National Book Award finalist and author of Endangered