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Below is a comprehensive list of interviews and articles I’ve written or appeared in.


GateCrashers #TBT
GateCrashers, August 5, 2021

GC Unplugged: Take the Sadness Out of Saturday Night
GateCrashers, August 4, 2021

In the Heights (Review)
GateCrashers, June 14, 2021

What a Year! Amanda’s Top Ten of 2020
GateCrashers, December 30, 2020


“The Unbearable Whiteness of Publishing” Revisited
Publishers Weekly, January 29, 2021

6 Kidlit Latinx Editors Literary Agents Should Be Pitching
Latinx in Pub, September 28, 2020

Eye on Middle Grade: Spring 2020
Publishers Weekly, April 10, 2020


Q & A, conducted by Lynne Marie
Childrens Book Insider, May 5, 2020

Q & A, conducted by Devina Bhalla
Shelves of Art and the People Between, December 4, 2019

Q & A, conducted by Ann Rousseau Smith
Kite Tales, July 12, 2019

Q & A, conducted by Laura Parnum
EasternPennPoints, March 6, 2019

Q & A, conducted by Justin Colón
Justin Colón, March 15, 2018

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