Have a question? Want to chat?

I can be reached at or on Twitter at @AmandaIsA_Ram. Come say hi! I regularly complain about nothing, cry about the MCU, and quote my coworkers. You can also follow me on all other forms of social media, where I am habitually overdramatic and overeager.

Please do not query me with your manuscript through email, Twitter, LinkedIn, carrier pigeon, what-have-you. If you wish to query me, please do so with the assistance of a literary agent, through the proper channels, as I cannot accept unagented manuscripts. Thank you!

Where to Find Me Next

CenCal SCBWI Writer’s Day (October 12 – October 13)
2019 Letters & Lines Conference RMC – ONLINE FACULTY (October 12 – October 13)
Oktoberfest San Francisco North and East Bay SCBWI – ONLINE FACULTY (October 19)
Wordsmith Conference (November 1 – November 3)


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